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AP Design is the interior design studio of Antony Poate. AP Design provides professional interior design consulting services over a wide range of disciplines. It is a boutique design studio that offers a very personal and high level of service and commitment from its founder and principal Antony Poate. Created in August 2012, AP Design creates top-end design solutions incorporating functionality and build-ability within realistic budgets.

With over 25 years experience working as a designer in both large and small architectural and interior design practices in Sydney, Antony has a wealth of knowledge and experience in commercial design and interior fitout construction that is invaluable for any project. From inception to completion, AP Design can successfully help navigate you through the complexities, the pitfalls and myriad decisions involved in any building project to achieve outstanding results.

The design & construction process can be an extremely difficult and potentially costly exercise. Establishing trust in the people engaged in the project is essential to your project’s success. AP Design provides the advice and trust to help you negotiate through the process to achieve a finished result you’ll be proud of, without the stress along the way.

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